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23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Fr. Johnny Doherty, C.Ss.R.

 Sunday 10th September 2023

Power given to us, the Church

“Where two or three meet in my name I shall be there with them.” What a wonderful promise that is. And what an extraordinary power that promise gives us as followers of Christ. Because of our Baptism, we are people who always meet in his name whatever the purpose of our meeting. Every time we are together we make Christ present. It is hard to believe and yet we have Christ’s word for it. This has huge implications for each of us personally. Every married couple, just by being together in love is a source of the presence of Christ. Every family home is where he lives because of the people who live there. And everything we do together as a faith community is part of the salvation of the world. However, our responsibility in all of this is to ensure that the quality of our love is such that this presence of Christ is able to warm the world of all those around us.

Morning Prayer, when together

God our Father, you redeem us

and make us your children in Christ.

Look upon us, give us true freedom,

and bring us to the inheritance you promised.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

During the day, when apart

God of peace and love,

may our love for each other

bring you true worship

and make us one with you.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

Evening/Night Prayer together

Lord, your word gives us food and life.

May our Sacrament of Marriage

lead us to share your life forever.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

Questions for Action for the week

For your marriage: How could you grow in freedom with each other? Share that this week.

For others: Think of some group that is working for marriage and family life. How could you help that group this week?