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Twenty Fourth Sunday of the Year


 Fr. Johnny Doherty, C.Ss.R.

 September 12th – 18th 2021

The Triumph of the Cross

Jesus said, “If you want to be a follower of mine, renounce yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” In this one sentence from Jesus there are two things that most of us don’t want to do. Our world teaches us to ‘be yourself’. Jesus teaches us to renounce yourself. This doesn’t mean to put yourself down but to let go of your own self-importance and find your true self in being loved and in loving. And then he tells us to take up our cross. Immediately we think of suffering. Many of us have suffering in our lives and certainly this can be our cross. But more importantly the cross we need to take up is that of the consequences of putting others first in love. It is the cross of moving out of our own small world of self-preoccupation and living for others in our family and our  parish community.


Morning Prayer, when together

God our Father, in obedience to you

your only Son accepted death on the cross

for the salvation of humankind.

We acknowledge the mystery of the cross on earth.

May we receive the gift of redemption in heaven.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


During the day, when apart

God of love, we praise you for the gift of love

that we share in our marriage.

Accept the efforts we make to grow in our marriage

and make us worthy of eternal life.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


Evening/Night Prayer together

Lord Jesus Christ,

you have given your life that we might know love.

Fill our marriage with gentleness and peace.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


Questions for Action for the week

For your marriage: Share with each other your hopes and dreams for your marriage.


For others: Pray for someone whom you know to be suffering at this time.