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Although Greenlough parish has only two primary schools at present, in the past it could boast of several. No less than 20 schools are listed by the Commissioners of National Education, Dublin, for the parish of Tamlaght O’Crilly in their Report for the year 1823. The schools listed with their principals were:

  • Drumoracannon (Drumnacanon) (William Spoole– Protestant)
  • Hervey Hill (Patrick Quinn– Catholic)
  • Drumlain (Dominic Heyland & Mrs Heyland– Protestant)
  • Drumnacanon Catholic School (Daniel O’Connor)
  • Lisnagrotte (James McLaughlin– Catholic)
  • Tyanee (John Rea– Catholic)
  • Innisrush (William Thompson– Protestant)
  • Kildare Place School at Glenone (James McLester)
  • Bovedy (James McArthur– Presbn.)
  • Drumolish (Drumoolish) (James Workman– Protestant)
  • Drumagarner (James O’Neill)
  • Lismoyle (Joseph Pollock)
  • Ballynion (Robert Doriss)
  • Drumcan (Mary McCotter)
  • Glenone (John Henry, Catholic) stone and mud
  • Glenone (James McLester, Protestant) stone & lime, an excellent house
  • Money Haghan (Mary Ferguson– Protestant)
  • Innisrush (Miss Ellis– Protestant)
  • Mayogeny (James Diamond– Catholic)
  • Leslea (Margaret Dunbar, Presbn.) a poor cabin

Both Catholics and Protestants attended these schools. In 1838 Fr John McLaughlin built the first Greenlough National School on a site opposite the old Parochial House. At the same time a National School was built alongside the River Bann in the Townland of Glenone. This was known as Glenone National School. The old Greenlough National School proved inadequate for the numbers attending and the parish priest converted the old stables at the edge of the graveyard into classrooms. The teacher’s illustrations can still be seen etched on the walls of the old stables. These two schools were later amalgamated in the modern Greenlough Primary School built at Moneystaghan in 1962

Glenone School built 1836 adjacent to the River Bann

The Final Annseo at Glenone School before it closed its doors for the last time in 1962

Back Row LtoR: Mrs A. Fox, Mary White, Mary McMullan, Damien Clarke, Martin Kearney, Gerard McErlean, Margaret Downey, Ann O’Neill, Bobby Law, Eilish McMullan, Peggy O’Neill, Susan O’Neill, Joseph Clarke, Philip McErlean, Brigid O’Neill, Roseleen O’Neill.
3rd Row: Eoin óg McErlean, Ann White, Alan Law, Denis O’Neill, Clement McMullan, Joe McMullan, Eileen Dourish, Dolorus O’Neill, Brenda McErlean, Mona Kearney (RIP), Seamus O’Neill, Tom Clarke, Conor White, Elizabeth McMullan, Anne Clarke, Mrs Maura Clarke.
2nd Row: Ita McErlean, Catherine McErlean, Fionnuala Cassidy, Bronagh McErlean, Sinead O’Neill, Philma Clarke, Goretti Clarke, Pauline Kearney.
Front Row: David McMullan (RIP) Brendan McMullan, Martin O’Neill, Declan McErlean, Dermot McErlean, Theo McLaughlin, Charles McLaughlin.

Greenlough School 1920s

Back Row L to R: Fr Kerlin, Mr Conway, B.Morgan, J.McCloy, J.McPeake, F.Gribbon, H.Walsh, P.McAteer, H.McErlean, J.Kidd, T.E McCloskey, J.Madden, J.Maguire
4th Row: T.Henry, B.McErlean, J.Begely, A.Henry, N.Madden, G.Rankin, K.Loughlin, H.Nicholl, A.Madden, M.Madden, A.McPeake, Mrs Conway, W. McPeake
3rd Row: B.Marron, R.McCloy, R.McPeake, B.McErlean, M.Henry, B.McCloy, M.Henry, B.Rankin, R.McCloy, M.Diamond, J. McDonald
2nd Row: H.Henry, J.Darragh, J.Kearney, J.McDonald, J.Loughlin,G.Rankin, J.Henry, J.Madden, P.Kearney, J.Darragh, H.Mulholland, J.McDonald, J.J.McCloy, E.Mullan, K.McCloy
Front Row: W.McDonald, J.Diamond, J.McNally, J.Marron, N.Kearney, F.Mullan, F.McNally, J.McDonald, G.Madden, P.Madden, P.Downey, J.McErlean, F.Diamond.