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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


 Fr. Johnny Doherty, C.Ss.R.

Sunday 16 July 2023

 What kind of people are we?

“Other (seed) fell on rich soil and produced their crop”. We have all kinds of choices to make in the course of a lifetime. Probably the most significant one is the kind of person we want to be in relation to God and to one another. This is not predetermined as we can let ourselves be changed through the way we listen to God’s Word and how we listen and are transformed by those close to us. We are shaped right through life by what/who we are listening to. If we listen to the world around us we will put ourselves at the centre of our own world. If we listen to God’s Word we will put God and those we love at the centre. The first way leads to loneliness and isolation. The second way leads to fulfilment. Each of us can produce a lot of good for our world but only if we are living a life of love of God and love of one another in our homes and families and in our community of faith.

 Morning Prayer, when together

God our Father, your light of truth

guides us to the way of Christ.

May we and all who follow him

reject all that is contrary to the Gospel.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

 During the day, when apart

Lord, accept and bless our married love.

May your presence in our lives

help us grow in holiness and faith.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.

 Evening/Night Prayer together

Lord, by our sharing in the mystery of your love

through our love for one another in marriage,

let your tender love grow within us.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


Questions for Action for the week

For your marriage: How could you speak your love for your wife/husband this week?

For others: Think of some group that is working for a better and healthier Earth. How could you support them this week?