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Sunday: 9:00am

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Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


 Fr. Johnny Doherty, C.Ss.R.

 September 4th – 10th 2022

 He gives, and asks for everything

Jesus said to the crowds: “None of you can be my disciple unless you give up all your possessions”. Sometimes the teachings of Jesus seem impossible to follow, and this is certainly one of them! Because of this difficulty some people give up while others simply ignore it and go on their way. When Jesus talks about possessions he is not condemning them as evil but rather calling on us to look at the evil effect that they have on our hearts and lives and because of that to put them in their proper place. Possessions possess us so easily. The more we have the more of our energy and attention have to go into protecting what we have. We can become very self-centred and forget our responsibility to care for one another. Even within our homes and families, our possessions can become more important than the people we love. They certainly become more important than taking care of the poor of our world.


Morning Prayer, when together

God our Father, you redeem us

and make us your children in Christ.

Look upon us, give us true freedom,

and bring us to the inheritance you promised.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


During the day, when apart

God of peace and love,

may the offering of our lives

bring you true worship

and make us one with you.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


Evening/Night Prayer together

Lord, your word gives us encouragement,

your love gives us courage and strength.

May our love for one another

lead us to share your life forever.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Questions for Action for the week

For your marriage: What will you sacrifice this week so as to love your wife/husband in a special way?


For others: What will you give away this week to someone in need?